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Wheelways to the Royal City of Jaipur


You are going to love this slow travel exploration of one of India’s most stimulating regal bastions of the past. Jaipur, which now also serves as capital of the state of Rajasthan, became the spanking new First City of the Kachwaha rulers in place of Amer (founded by the Rajputs in the 12th century CE).

Founded by the enlightened Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1727 as set by Vedic vastu traditions, this walled city is surrounded by the hills. The historic city, with its reinvented palaces and temples and formal gardens boasts of atmospheric bustling markets full of alluring buys, and local street-side culinary offerings.

Known as the ‘Pink City’ because of the pink wash given to the buildings for the impending visit of the Prince of Wales in 1876, Jaipur offers a melange of thrilling experiences, now more easily accessible for seniors, people with different challenges, as well as wheelchair travellers, visually impaired or those with limited mobility. Medieval Jaipur, with its auspicious nine-grid layout, as ruled by ancient Indian treatises, has merged seamlessly with the rapidly burgeoning Jaipur with its malls, cafes and trendy boutiques.

Orient yourself with the 1,000-odd year reign of the Kachwaha rulers at the Maharaja Swai Man Singh II Museum (City Palace Museum) housed in the Rajput-Mughal-style City Palace. It has a superb collection of traditional crafts, artworks, rare manuscripts, textiles, carpets, wall hangings and jewellery heritage, costumes and well-documented armoury. The peach-toned Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), built in 1799, is a multi-layered confection of balconies, windows and feathery screens served as an excellent viewing gallery for the royal ladies in purdah of what was happening below on the bustling Sireh Deori bazaar. The 18th century Jantar Mantar is one of the largest and best-preserved observatories of the five built by Maharaja Swai Jai Singh II. An unmissable diversion is the tour of Amber the old Kachwaha fortified capital and its amazing Sheesh Mahal, the Hall of Mirrors.

Why you will love it

  • Wheelchair access to Jaipur’s City Palace, which still partly serves as a residence for the Jaipur royals 
  • Wheelchair access to Jantar Mantar Jaipur’s 18th-century open-air observatory and UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Photo stop at Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds–one of the most photographed monuments in the world. 
  • Wheelchair access to the Hindu temple of Govind Devji, dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  • Partial wheelchair access to Amer Fort, the old bastion of the Kachwaha rulers, before they made the new capital of Jaipur

What you will experience

This slow travel full- day tour touches upon the most popular attractions of Jaipur. An immersive, insider view makes the experience all the richer as it’s really wonderful that now many of these places have facilities in place to support the explorations of seniors, people with different challenges, as well as wheelchair travellers, visually impaired or those with limited mobility.

An unforgettable part of the experience is soaking in the fantastic architectural heritage of the elegant palaces, pavilions and havelis (mansions), along with its centuries-old grid-pattern Old Quarter, inspired by traditional Hindu vastu tenets from Vedic times. Amongst the scattering of places you will see are also UNESCO World Heritage sites and bustling streets with their alluring shops and street food diversions.

This guided tour will take you to Jaipur’s unmissable hotspots such as the City Palace, partially a museum now, the Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds, Jantar Mantar the 18th century open-air observatory commissioned by Maharaja Swai Jai Singh II, who built Jaipur, the Govindji Krishna Temple and Amer Fort, the palatial bastion of the Kachwaha  rulers before they shifted to the new capital of Jaipur 

A shopping spree can also be arranged based on your interest and mobility challenges. Jaipur has long been famous for its arts and crafts, including the making of jewellery, enamel, metalwork, and hand printed cloths, as well as precious stone, marble and ivory-carving.

Services of a knowledgeable English-speaking local guide for a full day will be arranged for your convenience. The guide will meet you at your hotel and will drop you back after the tour. Local guides speaking French, Spanish, Italian and German etc can be arranged at an extra cost and can be booked depending on their availability. This service is best booked in advance. Our guide will travel in your car from your hotel; in case there is no space for him, arrangements for his transport can be made at extra cost. 

The trip, a beautifully curated slow travel experience, is lots of fun, as there’s a great deal of flexibility to customize the tour according to your special needs and mobility challenges. You can choose the monuments you wish to visit and directly pay the entry fee at the ticket counter. This gives you the liberty to choose monuments as per your interest and accessibility. -You will use your own vehicle for this tour. If you have a big vehicle you aren’t allowed to use it for the ascent to Amer Fort.; in that case, a smaller car can be arranged for the to and from journey to the fort for an extra charge.

Arrangements are made for one standard wheelchair for the tour along with one assistant to push your wheelchair if need be. You will use your own vehicle for this tour. If you are looking to hire a wheelchair accessible van with a ramp, this can be arranged from Delhi and can accompany you for the entire tour. This van is equipped with a manually foldable ramp needing manual assistance to push the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.

On Request | 7 hour | Accessible Tours


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