Jewellery Trail

Jewellery in India actually speaks a language its different communities a can understand. After all, there is much that is common to them all, least of which may be simply – the love of ornamentation. So this interesting tour sends up many answers to questions such as how can a piece of jewellery be a vehicle to advertise your caste, religion, region, economic and marital status?

Jewellery in India, by and large, is handcrafted by nameless artisans who can’t even afford one of the exquisite pieces they create. And this is a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries to bedeck kings and commoners alike.Master craftsmen of Tamil Nadu specially crafted temple jewellery for the deities. This highly ornate range was created from the vision of royal patronage with the finest metals and precious mixture of gold and silver (ponn) encrusted with precious stones. Temple jewellery also became a major inspiration for dance jewellery, as the devadasis (temple dancer) identified herself as the consort of the deity. A highly secretive craft, its skills were passed on from one generation to the next.

  • Discovering the history and heritage of jewellery design in Tamil Nadu
  • Getting acquainted with the craft through its design and techniques
  • Understanding the symbolic depths  of the motifs and gemstones
  • Let us delve into the making of exquisite hand-crafted Indian jewellery and discover the many stories that lie in its crafting and the symbolism in the placement of gemstones. This walk takes you up narrow staircases into pokey little rooms where classics are crafted. Watch sparkling gems being set in exotic designs, using techniques that have come unchanged for centuries.

    Explore how a piece of jewellery takes seed in a designer's mind and gets translated into a tangible work of art by the craft and toil of an unsung artisan. Lend an ear to stories of the fabled jewels of the maharajas, and of the mysticism of gemstones.

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