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Dakshinachitra has long been a legend for being a rich and exciting open-air museum of heritage, art, architecture, crafts and performing arts of South India. This fascinating cultural hub fascinates with its many narratives of people involved with it and those who have come to imbibe of its many charms.Each house is a treasure trove of stories. Every door has a tale to tell and every courtyard a scene for much activity. What is the science behind low slung houses, the reason behind wooden dwellings or the need for rounded storage spaces? Flesh out the bare bones of brick and mortar with stories of people who called these houses home. Quirky, practical, profound, or unbelievable – these stories offer fascinating insights into life in South India.

  • A fascinating walk through Dakshinachitra, a museum of heritage houses from South India.
  • Uncovering the stories of iconic houses from  the southern states and what they  say about the communities they were home to
  • Enjoying a profound  and lively experience of one of Chennai’s most important hotspots dedicated to the conservation of southern cultures
  • This trail takes you on a stroll through Dakshinachitra, a living museum of art, architecture, and lifestyles of South India. Dakshina Chitra is really is true to its name’ Picture of the South” and for the culture buff in you, this is where it’s all at. What you will encounter is a fascinating story of entrepreneurship in the area of cultural promotion.

    Founded by the Madras Craft Foundation DakishinaChitra went on a buying spree of traditional homes from different parts of South India and set them up on the land it had acquired for this unique museum. These homes have been selected from owners from different communities from different states in the south, so the visitor gets an excellent insight into their diverse worlds. It could be a Nair tharavad of Kerala or a house from Karanataka or Andhra Pradesh – yet each one has a community story to tell.  Along the way, we will pause to admire intricately carved entranceways, observe statues of gods both benign and seething with fury and marvel at the murals that illustrate many a wall.

    The support to the arts and crafts is also an integral part of DakishinaChitra so one can get to watch artisans at work. Events of the performing arts and workshops are held on a regular basis.

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