Learn Thangka Painting

The main highlight of this tour is the exposure to the classical art of thangka painting. You will have the unique opportunity to craft your own thangka under the guidance of a professional painter, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural importance of this Nepalese and Tibetan art form. Thangkas draw inspiration from Tibetan religious manuscripts, and the artist's knowledge of scriptures plays an integral role in their creation, as the art form is steeped in symbolic importance and veneration. Rich in colors and fine detailing, thangkas require great attention to the choice of motifs, which hold significant symbolism. Proper mounting is also crucial, involving a painted picture panel surrounded by a textile mantle, supported by scroll sticks, and overlain with a silk cover. The mantle is typically constructed from silk brocade, and the painting is usually executed in oils on treated cotton duck, with some exceptions created from pigments of semi-precious stones, appliqué, or silk and cotton embroidery.

  • Hosted by a professional and experienced Thangka painter. 
  • Learn to paint significant motifs associated with Buddhism in Thangka designs and patterns. 
  • Take home your own hand-painted Thangka Art as a souvenir.  
  • Interact with other full-time students in the host's studio.

This tour provides a spiritual outlet for your inspirations as you learn to render them in the form of a thangka under the guidance of a master artist. The most common Buddhist motifs in a thangka include the Wheel of Life, images of the Buddha, other Buddhist deities, and mandalas. Thangka paintings are known for their intricate and detailed nature, with images woven into stylized geometric series of overlapping grids, which can take weeks or even months to complete. This class will focus on painting the Buddha, Lotus flowers, or religious animals only. Your finished thangka art will serve as a meaningful souvenir of your experience. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to interact with other full-time students in the host's studio, enriching your artistic journey.

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