Khukuri Making (Learning to Craft the Iconic Gurkha Blade)

Khukuris, the weapon of choice and an icon of the Gurkha warriors, symbolize pride and loyalty for Nepalis worldwide. Traditionally used in war and combat, these blades are now an integral part of ceremonial events with ornate designs featuring gold and silver workmanship and ivory handles. Another version, the sacrificial khukuri, is used in festivals for ceremonial purposes. Beyond its military significance, the khukuri serves as a multi-utility tool in Nepali households. In this workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to create a mini version of this iconic blade under the guidance of a skilled master blacksmith in his authentic workshop.

  • Interacting with a master blacksmith. 
  • Experiencing the authentic process of crafting the iconic khukuri blade. 
  • Crafting your own personal Khukuri knife to take home.

While the Gurkha khukuri is renowned as a weapon of war, it also serves various practical purposes in Nepali countryside households, such as chopping firewood, building, digging, and cutting vegetables. In this workshop, you will create a mini version of the iconic blade. The process involves cutting and hammering a raw piece of iron into shape, grinding the blade, and crafting the wooden handle. The utilitarian khukuri typically features a handle made of wood or buffalo horn and a scabbard made of wood and leather.

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