Blessing Ceremony at a Temple

To delve into the spiritual traditions of a nation offers an insight into one of the most important living traditions of its cultural roots. Bhutan, this once isolated and hidden gem of a kingdom from the world for three centuries, is still a mysterious land for visitors on many counts. But one common thing shared about it is its spiritual richness that touches upon so many facets of life here. This experience leaves you with a deeper understanding of the country’s policies related to the preservation of its environment and the safety and security of its populace in the face of the detrimental aspects of development. You don’t need to be particularly devout to enjoy the many aspects of the blessing ceremony…On its own accord, it will place the mantle of peace and serene understanding upon you, leaving you the richer for having witnessed this private ritualised religious experience.

  • To get a deeper exposure to Bhutan’s spirituality which is the bedrock of society
  • An excellent opportunity to observe a private ceremony conducted by a senior Buddhist monk, and the sacred symbolism of each ritual
  • To return home the richer for the experience of sharing these ancient rituals aimed at cleansing the body and soul.

The populace of Bhutan follows the Vajrayana or Mahayana streams of Buddhism which touch upon many aspects of the life here. You will surely treasure this unique opportunity to take part in a private ceremony conducted by a senior Buddhist monk, assisted by monks and nuns (subject to advance notice). The ritual involves reading of sacred mantras by the priest, burning of incense and making an offering to the deities. All this follows ancient ritualistic practices that are aimed at cleansing one's body, mind and speech and a prayer for the world peace.

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