Go for Gastronomy

While the Brits arrived in Darjeeling with their fish n chips, the Tibetans brought in their Chebureki. The Bengali community hopped in with its spicy delicacies that set everyone’s palates on fire. Whatever cuisine pleases your palate and culinary longings – there’s one constant you shouldn’t ignore. Darjeeling Tea – it’s the best champagne of the world to savour and rejoice over after the meal. This tour encourages you to eat as you have never eaten before!

  • A fabulous multi-culinary jaunt across town
  • Discovering the stories behind the dishes you eat
  • Culture through food at its very best and most diverse

It is a Street Food Walk to experience the unique multi-cuisine heritage of Darjeeling town– and it ramped up by their stories and anecdotes. It also lets you explore the local dining places, pricy hotels, popular watering holes, and the best food in the town.

You get to gorge on the most delectable dishes of Darjeeling. At the same time, you get immersive insights into the Tibetan, Nepali, Newari, North-Eastern, Chinese, English, Bengali, and tribal cuisines that thrive in the hill town. Trawl through the best snack parlours of the town and popular hotels for gourmet meals. Mingle with local diners and chat up cooks to unravel the stories behind unique recipes from the hills.

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