Tea Pluckers’ Day

Oral accounts and letters say that literally, the vagabonds from across the seas came to make a fortune here. Darjeeling Tea furnished them more than they could imagine. The intangible quality of craftsmanship and skilled labour behind the success of this drink will charge you up to experience, first-hand, their life for a day. Experience the behind-the-scenes of the drink that shaped an empire. Learn all about the history of the English and Scottish tea planters and their legends.

  • Discovering the layered stories of the iconic Darjeeling Tea, the champagne of all teas –and a world favourite
  • Visiting several tea gardens, tea forests and villages of the Darjeeling Hills
  • Living a day like a tea plucker

Tea Pluckers’ Day is an extensive activity starting in the morning from the guests’ hotel. You will drive to a tea garden/tea estate far away from the town to explore the opportunity of spending a whole day, i.e., breakfast to evening tea, like a tea plucker in the garden. Discover the narrative of the great British Tea Heist in a unique dialogue with the tea planter community. Savour the walk-through vast swathes of lush green undulating velvets of tea bushes. Taste the uniqueness of the champagne of teas from those who grow and blend them.

You will enjoy a packed breakfast of fresh fruits and organic Darjeeling Tea. A Tea Garden tour, Forest Hike, Tea Factory Visits, A Walk through the Estate, Tea Tasting, Lunch, etc. are highlights of the tour. Experience the behind- the- scenes of Darjeeling Tea like no other.

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