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Wheelways to the Imperial City of Delhi


Channelling your energies to explore the fabulous imperial city of Delhi will surely recharge the travel buff in you. The bouquet of rich learnings and discoveries that await you here will make you forget all about your fears and anxieties of leaving your comfort zones as seniors, visually impaired or differently abled traveller. With a little of help you can roll away these obstacles and ready yourself for a wonderful voyage of discovery and delight as you slow travel from one accessible atmospheric spot to another.

Drawing back the curtains of the layers of history and heritage of the many periods of Delhi, from the epic era of the Mahabharata, when it was known as Indraprastha, to present times, will be the most rewarding takeaway from your explorations.

Delhi has risen phoenix-like time and again after many a conquest and protracted rule under foreigners, which has only added to the myths and legends that surround this multi-layered imperial city. Being the capital today of independent India has added its own stimulating components to the ongoing saga of this ancient city.

The earliest reference to the Delhi area as a city called Indraprastha is found in the Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic. Indraprastha, which was built about 1400 BCE served as the capital of the Pandavas. The first reference to the place-name Delhi seems to have been made in the 1st century BCE, when Raja Dhilu built a city near the site of the future Qutab-Minar tower and named it for himself.

Racing through the annals of Delhi’s history, after dipping deeply into the Mughal era beginning around the 16th century, we come to 1911, when the British shifted their capital from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi. Raisina Hill, down the Central Vista from India Gate, was the nerve centre of British administration. Today, the palace of the British Viceroy is known as Rastrapati Bhawan, the official residence of the President of India. 

Your attention will be pulled in many directions as you recall the succession of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms that made the city what it is. Documented in the scattering of ruins and built-up structures is a rich narrative of this splendid past. From historic forts and monuments to museums and libraries, from stunning botanical gardens to its pluralistic religious pursuits marked by shrines and churches, you will love unravelling the insider-Delhi on this slow travel tour.

Many museums in the city are a rich repository of the country’s artistic heritage. Worthy of closer explorations are the National Gallery of Modern Arts, The National Museum of India, and Indira-Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and The Crafts Museum showcasing Indian carving, metalwork, painting, and other crafts. 

Delhi’s cultural life showcases a unique amalgamation of the traditional and cosmopolitan lifestyles. In the winter months, the city’s events and festival calendar is a riot of exciting offerings.

Spiritual Delhi is a compelling canvas of great diversity, as it’s a veritable melting pot of many faiths. You will discover its populace is largely Hindu, followed by Muslims. Followers of Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Buddhism also add to the rich fabric of Delhi’s religious pursuits.

Why you will love it

  • Wheelchair access to UNESCO World Heritage Site (s) such as the 13th century Qutab Minar, 16th century Humayun's Tomb or 17th century Red Fort 
  • Wheelchair access to Raj Ghat, serene and elegant memorial dedicated to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. 
  • Wheelchair access to the serene landscaped environs of the historic Lodi Garden with its scattering of 15th and 16th century historical monuments.
  • Wheelchair access to the tranquil Sikh shrine, the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib open to people of all faiths

What you will experience

This is a full day accessible city tour for seniors, the visually impaired wheelchair travellers or differently abled traveller. Guests with different challenges will love the easily accessible attractions of the rich architectural heritage and historic places of the erstwhile imperial city of Delhi. The high points of your adventure are its UNESCO World Heritage sites, shopping in vibrant and atmospheric local markets, landscaped gardens with historical monuments and lots more. A delicious lunch has been arranged, on direct payment, in an accessible restaurant, equipped with accessible toilets. 

Some of the prime points of the tour are easily accessible sites such as Raj Ghat, the peace memorial where one can pay respects to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi who fell to an assassin’s bullet.  You can peel away of the veils of history at the wheelchair accessible UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb or Red Fort. Do note it is a possible for anyone these in one city tour. A drive past of  the Government buildings, India Gate, President House offers good photops. The beautiful historic setting of the Lodi Gardens, with its scattering of 15th and 16th century historical monuments is another marvel you will enjoy. You will love the tranquillity and rich atmospherics of wheelchair accessible Sikh shrine, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, which is open to people of all faiths.

Dilli Haat, the crafts bazaar which showcases regional handicrafts and cuisines, is another good option to discover another rich aspect of India’s cultural diversity. One can even buy directly from the artisans who can be seen showing their ancestral skills. Another unmissable experience is a slow tour of Chandni Chowk, Delhi's most historic market. If malls are your thing arrangements can be made for shopping spree at a popular mall. If guests desire a visit to a museum of choice can also be arranged. These are now accessible for differently abled travellers, seniors and the visually impaired.

Services of a knowledgeable English-speaking local guide for a full day will be arranged for your convenience. The guide will meet you at your hotel and will drop you back after the tour. In case you are staying in a hotel at Gurgaon, the guide will meet you at the first monument on the visit. Local guides speaking French, Spanish, Italian and German etc can be arranged at an extra cost and can be booked depending on their availability. This service is best booked in advance. Our guide will travel in your car from your hotel; in case there is no space for him, arrangements for his transport can be made at extra cost. 

The trip, a beautifully curated slow travel experience, is lots of fun, as there’s a great deal of flexibility to customize the tour according to your special needs and mobility challenges. You can choose the monuments you wish to visit and directly pay the entry fee at the ticket counter. This gives you the liberty to choose monuments as per your interest and accessibility. Arrangements are made for one standard wheelchair for the tour along with one assistant to push your wheelchair if need be. You will use your own vehicle for this tour. If you are looking to hire a wheelchair accessible van with a ramp, this can be arranged from Delhi and can accompany you for the entire tour. This van is equipped with a manually foldable ramp needing manual assistance to push the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.

On Request | 8 hour | Accessible Tours


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