Pub Hopping

Delhi’s rocking nightlife can be secretive or very public. As darkness envelops the city the street lights chase the night shadows away; laughter and feet tapping music filter into the night air awakening the night-crawler in you to find company and drinks in some of the most popular, or even hidden, watering holes in townPub Hopping. Why not on your own? Why with us, you may well ask? Well there are several engaging reasons for this. It could be that sometimes one wants to have fun, but it’s always better if you have an interesting and knowledgeable local host to unravel the best kept secrets of the city. It may be that you really want to an introduction to a signature drink served on the house, without having to have the hassle of making that decision. And sometimes, you simply want to kick back and let the evening take care of you.

So whether you are a wine connoisseur, a single malt fan or a teetotaller, get set for an evening of smiles, conversations, and all that ‘jazz’. Pun intended

  • Hopping from one exclusive pubs to the next, each with its own style and ambience
  • A knowledgeable host who knows the lay of the land for company
  • A pub crawling night to remember

A chauffeur driven vehicle will transport you to the first bar of the night. Your host will take you to some exclusive pubs, each with its own style and flavor, including a ‘Speakeasy’. A round of visits to pubs located in some of the most popular neighbourhoods and markets is up next. This will certainly give you a flavor of the city’s nightlife and plunge you into the party-mood of the city, which may vary from pub to pub. You will spend approximately an hour in each location and receive one complimentary hand-picked cocktail, house wine or beer at each bar along your journey. Some light snacks will be provided, but additional food and drinks will be at your own expense. At the end of the memorable evening, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Delhi.

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