Delhi Art Walk

India’s contemporary art scene has exploded in recent years, and Delhi has been the centric to this creative diversity. As a major art hub, it’s no surprise that there is a string of galleries across the city to explore for their incredible works on display. One of the most rewarding experiences of Delhi’s art scene is by way of a stimulating interactive gallery-hopping tour accompanied by an art curator– not only to understand the art itself but also to get a deep insight into the city’s architectural richness, of which it is justly proud. What you will love and appreciate is that the art curator has worked with contemporary and modern South Asian art galleries (on institutional acquisitions and international art fairs); she has also worked with an art foundation and been involved in curating exhibitions in Delhi. A high point of all these activities is her being part of a collateral project at the 56th Venice Biennale. Aside from all of this, she has also written extensively on the subject of contemporary art and as well as art markets.

  • Visiting some of the most beautiful art galleries which have on display a superb range of stunning artworks of various contemporary artists. An added bonus is that each of these venues not only house striking works of art, but they are also themselves notable for their architectural styles.
  • This is a facilitator-driven walk to enjoy art and understand the rich nuances behind what you see. It’s not just the art, but the stories behind it that will stimulate your insights into each piece on display.
  • That you get to experience a customised walk which takes into account the guest’s taste in art.

The guided tour takes you around 7–8 private galleries to experience the variety of exhibitions being showcased there. When no exhibitions are on at the time of your visit, arrangements can be made specially to have some stunning pieces of art pulled out for a backroom viewing.

This is an excellent occasion to learn more about the subcontinent’s modern and contemporary art movements in India.

You will delight in the immersive stories shared with you about some of the most established contemporary and emerging artists. What’s really great about the experience is that guided by an art expert you get a richer understanding of the artworks you get to see.

Please note that this is just an indicative listing of immersive experiences; the final schedule is dependent on the events going on in the galleries we are choosing for the visit, at the time of your breakaway.

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