A Textile Trail in Ahmedabad

This historic city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat offers a fantastic journey of discovery into one of the richest repositories of Indian textile traditions. Breakaway ventures into the stories and traditions that are the intricate warp and weft of the fabric of contemporary India and provided the world with some of the finest threads and most sought-after textiles.

This textile trail channels the diversity of Indian culture, captures the magic of the patterns and designs that enrich its heritage, and shares the stories from the traditions that have brought us the most exquisite, intricate textiles for many centuries.

  • For the opportunity to meet some artisans who are trying to revive and preserve the traditional art of crafting beautiful textiles
  • Meeting women entrepreneurs in the craft space and being inspired by their journey and body of work
  • Vesting a textile museum, where you can deep dive into India’s rich textile heritage that is interspersed with various stories and legends (led by their own curators)

A curated walk takes you around the world-renowned Calico Museum of Textiles. This fabulous museum has on display a grand archive of textiles from the Mughal and Provincial Courts, as well as samples of the amazing, intricate dyeing, weaving, printing and embroidery techniques from across India.

Unmissable is the most highly rewarding interaction with an entrepreneur, whose organisation empowers women artisans, practices sustainable ways of garment production and promotes conscious consumerism.

The introduction to traditional Indian embroidery techniques like Ahir and Rabari embroidery is an unfailing highpoint of this immersive tour...

Another exceptional highlight is the meeting with an entrepreneur who deals with natural and organic textiles apart from a whole lot of other products. His brand’s aim is to bring wholesomeness and sustainability into the lives of people through products that are organic and chemical- free in origin.

An interaction with a designer is part of the line-up of exclusive conversations. The designer is involved in the revival of many dyeing techniques and designs. Her brand strictly creates and promotes the finest quality hand crafted products.

You will also delight in the up-close and personal view of the work done by the Chitaras, a handful of artists who still make hand painted Pachedis- a kalamkari art form traditional to Gujarat. Today, only five families are left practising this craft. It takes more than a month to complete one pachedi.

Along the way, you will get to enjoy a nice lunch at a local eatery. Please note this is an indicative line-up of immersive experiences; the final schedule is dependent on the availability of artisans, at the time of your breakaway.

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