Photography Tour ( People & Monuments )

The ancient city of Ahmedabad is an excellent subject for photography. The people, the monuments, the bazaars of deep antiquity and street-side action, give your camera plenty of action any time of the day…from dawn to dusk and even later on. It’s colourful, full of life and a very unique place where animals…anything between the domestic cow and the domesticated elephant that can with great ease and acceptance share road with all manner of vehicles and people going about their daily routines. The route of our meanderings will also cross some ancient heritage monuments like Sidi Syed Mosque, Juma Masjid and some unique temples. This tour can be modified to match the photop requirements of the traveller.

  • Photops with people and bazaars
  • A Flower Market
  • A Vegetable & Fruit Market
  • Capturing on-camera ancient monuments with cultural significance
  • We start the tour with a visit to the flower market early in the morning when it’s all a-bustle with the unloading and loading of the fresh stock for the day. Flowers from different parts of India and Gujarat are brought in very early as trading starts at dawn.  The wonderful scents and colours and hectic activity provide you with all manner of shots on your camera.

    Our next stop is located in the old city. The fruit and vegetable market here is pretty much what it used to be in ancient times. Its rich atmospherics offer plenty of subjects for photography amongst the stalls as and vegetable vendors who spread their wares sell on the road; but, you can also try your hand at bargaining for some of the wares that might catch your fancy. We now head for the spice market with a melange of vibrant colours and aromas; you can even pick up tasty mouth fresheners here.

    Moving on we will venture into the precincts of some of the iconic monuments of the city. We will try and capture their grandeur and beauty on the lens before the sun becomes too harsh for the pictures. If you are lucky you might even chance upon a friendly elephant on the way and even get an opportunity to feed it.

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