Learn to Cook Gujarati Delicacy

A common saying in Gujarat's culinary world is: “Surat ka jaman aur Banaras ka maran”- meaning the one who dines in Surat and dies in Kashi will attain salvation”. Surely that more than defines the Gujarati’s love, nay, obsession for food. The geographic footprint of Gujarati food continues to grow steadily, bringing more and more people into its palate- seducing ambit. Gujarat, they say, travels on its stomach, and judging from the delicious snacks,  and sweets and savoury munchies any Gujarati worth her/his salt is known to cart along when they travel, this saying doesn't surprise us either, we must admit. One of the reasons for its rising popularity in these times is that it’s vegetarian, healthy and lip-smacking yummy. This tour is a just the ticket for getting a closer look at what the noise is all about at some of the most popular snack joints you’ll also learn to cook a 'Gujarati Delicacy" which is a mouth-watering yummy snack for all occasions and times.

  • Vegetable and Fruit Market Tour
  • Learning to cook a Gujarati delicacy
  • Visiting a traditional Spice Market
  • Understanding the ancient wisdom of using spices for healthy cooking
  • Our tour kicks off with a small walk around the old city taking in its sights, sounds and scents as it rises to a new day. Our walk is designed in such a way that we are certain to encounter some of the most popular food stalls amongst the citizenries. Some of these have been around for generations. As we stroll along, we will bide our time at many of these shops, sampling the delicious wares on offer.

    We then head out for the fruit and vegetable market where we choose and select the fresh produce of the day for our cooking lesson. We next step into the spice market to collect the aromatic ingredients that will be needed for our cookery lesson. Not only will we buy the spices we need, but we will also learn something about different spices and how they can be best used to make delicious food and snacks, while keeping in mind, of course, the advice of savvy grandmothers about the health-enhancing properties of each.

     We now make a detour to the 250-year-old haveli, where we meet one of the leading nutritionists and celebrity chef, who will teach you to be a real connoisseur of Gujarati food. You will also learn how to cook that most popular Gujarati delicacy – the Dhokla. Lesson over we are ready to tuck into a delicious brunch dhokla (that we just cooked) many Gujarati delicacies, along with the dhokla we have just cooked – accompanied by a cup of strong Indian masala tea.

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