A Chettinad Meal in Chennai

Across cultures and societies, food has always been a powerful force connecting families, friends, and even strangers. With much of Indian daily life revolving around food and its preparation, cooking, and presentation, India is a delight for food lovers.

The Chettinad of Tamil Nadu had ancient trade links with many South East Asian countries and Chettiar men had married women (second wives largely) from those countries, which explains the influences that these cuisines have had on Chettiar food.

  • A great opportunity to savour authentic Chettinad food in a traditional Chettiar home setting.
  • Savour the unique Chettinad sweet rice pudding  made with the popular South East Asian Forbidden Rice or the Black Rice called the karuppu  kauvniarisi in Tamil 
  • Delving deep into the cultural richness of the Chettiars over a meal

A curated Chettiar lunch with South East Asian influences over discovery of stories and secret recipes of the Chettiar community.

Exposure to South East Asian food culture and cross marriages to the women from these countries made them embrace unique herbs and rice varieties in their cuisine. This is an unforgettable, flavourful dining experience where you can also learn about the cultural heritage, customs and culinary traditions of the Chettiars from your host. Meet your hostess whose endeavor to create recipe books was inspired by a graphic recipe book she created for her daughter-in-law, a gift, a mother’s legacy, that was intended as something she thought would be of use when the newly married couple left home to begin a new life. Savour the many delights of one of South India’s most iconic culinary traditions and a precious addition to its food heritage.

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