Nepali Food Safari

Culinary experiences in different countries always add something very important to our understanding of the diversity of cuisine landscapes; yet, we can also find common ground between them on many counts. While rice and lentils, fresh vegetable and meat may be the raw materials in many culinary cultures, it’s the techniques and spices that they go with, which make them so different and exciting. India’s neighbour, Nepal, is a case in point for sure – whether it’s the food, the beverages or the street food diversity. Nepal’s nettle soup is as unique as is the local Tongba, a fermented millet seed beer served straight up in a bamboo tumbler. But there is much more that we can enjoy on a progressive journey of street stalls, local shops, and restaurants, with delicious, intriguing and often unusual tastings along the way. Nepal’s Newari style wedding feasts are legend. Though we don’t have a wedding lined up on this tour there’s no harm acquainting yourself with its traditional dishes such as alu tama (curry made of potatoes and bamboo shoot curry), alu kerau  (a spicy affair with radish, potatoes, and green and small brown peas),  gainda gudi (a mix of different lentils) and hakuchoila (spiced ground meat, broiled). What’s exciting about this culinary tour is you do it by a vintage Vespa scooter ride through the popular eat streets.

  • Introduction to the best Nepali food enjoyed by the locals.
  • Discover the streets of Kathmandu by a vintage Vespa.
  • Engage with local entrepreneurs for an insight into the background of Nepali street food culture.

This tour will bring you many lip-smacking experiences of the unusual flavours and textures aromas and ingredients that define the traditional culinary diversions that are native to Nepal. What will enrich this culinary odyssey for you is that you will be able to enjoy deeper insights into its many aspects when you chat up the local entrepreneurs who know all about the street food culture in Kathmandu. The local flavour of the tour is even more fun when riding a Vespa scooter, local-style, on your jaunt through the bustling bazaars and eat streets of Kathmandu. Along the way, you will also enjoy vignettes of daily life in the back alleys and family courtyards.

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