Kumari the Living Goddess

An insight into one of the most unique and fascinating aspects of Nepali spiritual culture, this experience offers a window into the deep antiquity of Hinduism in this Himalayan country. Kumari is a living virgin goddess worshipped in the Himalayan Hindu kingdom of Nepal. The living Kumari is a young prepubescent girl who is chosen in an elaborate ceremonial process similar to that of Tibetan lamas. At the end of all the traditional rituals of installing her as the Kumari, Nepalese believe that the goddess Taleju, an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga, inhabits her body. Taleju is the protective goddess of the country and its ruler. The Kumari is worshipped as the goddess and honoured in the annual Indra Jatra harvest festival. The Kumari tradition originated from the unique Nepalese connection of the Hindu and Vajrayana Buddhist religions. There are various Kumari in Nepal, but the most significant is the Kumari Devi (Raj Kumari) of Kathmandu. Others live in Bhaktapur and Patan respectively.

  • Experiencing a very important and unique aspect of Nepali Hindu spiritual culture.
  • Learn about the background and history of Kumari.
  • Interact with the specialist guide.
  • Unique viewing of the Kumari in the sacred abode.

You will be accompanied by a highly knowledgeable guide on this special walking tour of the Kumari trail. You will learn about the Hindu Living Goddess, one of the most fascinating aspects of Nepali culture.  Kumari, the Hindu goddess, born to Buddhist parents, is a young girl who is considered sacred as long as she has not reached menstruation. Every year, the Kumari makes just three public appearances, during which she is carried through the streets, in a tall ornamental chariot in which she is safe from the touch of anyone in the massive crowds who gather along the way to pay obeisance. At end of the tour, you will visit the Kumari Ghar (revered residence of Kumari) in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square and get a viewing of the virgin goddess at the ornate Newari-style ornamented window of her sacred abode on earth at Durbar Square.

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