Villages of the Valley

The Kathmandu Valley has been long enjoyed for its unique fusion of culture, religion and ancestry. This tour highlights the diversity of experiences one may enjoy in Nepal. As the wind rustles through your hair, riding down the quiet village roads on a vintage Vespa scooter you will make lasting memories of the Kathmandu valley’s tranquil rural landscapes and their unspoilt charms. The tour offers an excellent opportunity to discover the world of the farming community and the inextricable ties between Nepal’s urban and rural spaces, as you ponder over such weighty matters enjoying a simple meal at a local farmer’s home.

  • Immerse yourself in Nepali village culture and traditional farming techniques.
  • Escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Kathmandu.
  • Enjoy a lunch of Newari cuisine prepared by the locals.

We have another fun-filled Vespa scooter ride lined up; this time it takes you out of the city and transports you to the tranquil rural enclaves of the Kathmandu valley. Savour the delights of the laid back village ways and join local families as they go about their centuries-old routines of tending to their animals and crops, harvesting food for the family and gathering the produce to transport to the local markets. We stop and watch how oil is extracted from mustard seeds; we pause to watch a farmer using timeworn farming techniques to yield a good harvest, which can vary from season to season and crop to crop.

We’ll pause and help them bring in the harvest of rice and watch the ancient tradition of ploughing the fields while birds swoop down on the turned soil looking for an unwary worm or insect. And after our labours, we’ll enjoy a lunch of Newari cuisine prepared by the local ladies, made from produce at a village home.

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