Kathmandu Heritage Walk

Experience an immersive walk through the heart of Old Kathmandu, showcasing the city's incredible cultural diversity and religious history. This guided tour offers a chance to look, listen, learn, and experience the magic of the city, including a stop at a local teashop for a tea tasting session.

  • Experience a captivating walk through the heart of Old Kathmandu, delving into its rich cultural diversity and religious history.
  • Discover the city's hidden gems and intriguing stories through the unique perspective of a knowledgeable local tour guide.
  • Uncover a hidden temple and enjoy a rickshaw ride back to Thamel.  

The walking tour is designed to reveal Kathmandu's rich cultural diversity and religious history. It offers insights into important historical and cultural events that have shaped the city's identity. The tour takes you through the ever-changing tapestry of back streets, showcasing traditional shops and religious monuments, all woven together by the tour guide's enchanting narrative. Along the way, you will indulge in food tastings, including tea tasting at a local stall, sampling spices at a spice shop, and enjoying a yummy samosa, a popular street food delight. The tour also includes feeding pigeons for some Karma merit and discovering a hidden temple. To top it off, a thrilling rickshaw ride will transport you back to Thamel. 

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