Varanasi Street Food Walk

There’s a deep belief that Lord Shiva, as the ascetic, has truly inspired the culinary deliberations of this holy city, legend to be his earthly home. So Varanasi, the Kashi of yesteryears,  marked by its predominance of staunch vegetarian Hindus like the Brahmins, Pandits and  Thakurs – known for their absorption with Satvik food (read no onions or garlic in the food preparations), is vegetarian by choice. So It surprises us not that the city is virtually a vegetarian’s paradise. And how gloriously inventive have the chefs and cooks been here…whether it involves the kitchen at home….at restaurants and cafes or the eat street vendors. This journey offers you delectable treats such as the early morning confection malaiyo, the tamatar chaat, malai toast or the evocative Benarasi paan which summons up its own cultural conversations and social bonding.

  • Savouring Banarasi chaat – spicy, sweet, salty, tangy
  • Dairy feasts beyond your imagination – lassi, thandai, malaiyo, and more!
  • Banarasi Paan – which summons up its own cultural conversations and social bonding.
  • Stories around the cultural and historical significance of the food
  • Interactions with their quirky vendors!

A street food extravaganza in a city with arguably the finest street food in all of India. Join us as we walk through the bylanes to the best food joints in the city as you sample the delicious and delectable malaiyo, tamatar chaat, malai toast, maalpuas, gol-gappas, kalakand,  Banarasi paan and much more! Not only will you enjoy this amazing sensory journey, but you will also get to enjoy some delightful conversations with the vendors who make it all happen.

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