Varanasi By Night–Walk The Talk With The Road Less Travelled

This city never sleeps at night–or so it seems to visitors who throng its ancient urban spaces. As the citizens of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city turn in for the night, there are those night owls who can’t get enough of their beloved hometown–And so night becomes day for them, as they enjoy new perspectives to keep them re-charged. Join Varanasi’s restless locals, as the city winds down for the night, but has plenty to indulge the culture buff in you.

Varanasi at night never appears still. The ghats heave with action and activities and continue to serve as a compelling theatre for spiritual pursuits for the milling devotees, and the winding streets– rich with textures of aromatic foodways, temple rituals and lively local vibes, will fill you with delight.

  • Delving deep into not-so-chaotic yet fascinating nightlife of Banaras 
  • Checking out the lively scenes at- on the ghats, gallis, and food joints!
  • Visting the serene Sankatha Mochan temple
  • Spending sobering moments at the Manikarnika cremation ghat

Follow in the footsteps of the city’s restless ones and enjoy this deeply immersive local experience, accompanied by an expert who will share many stories with you. Spend time at the ghats which are alive with all kinds of activities. It’s not only about prayer and rituals here. Games of badminton, music and dance and conversations over fragrant cups of chai add fresh nuances to that ineffable wonder of this glorious city. 

Sink deep into the spirituality of the mesmerising night ceremony at the Sankata Mochan Temple, where devotees seek the Lord’s intervention in times of troubles. Set aside all anxieties and deliberate over the riddle of life and death as you witness the action at Manikarnika Ghat, one of the most important places for cremations in this city. You’ll be blown away by its atmospheric and heightened energy at this time of night. 

Return to the world of the living in the eat streets where locals enjoy mail-toast and cups of hot tea and lively chit-chat about this and that. Explore the silent alleyways, where graceful homes of yesteryears give out a wonderful vibe of the less hectic, more leisurely paced rhythm of this bustling city.e, if time permits, we could take a detour to the holy town of Shravanabelagola, a pilgrimage site for devotees of the Jain faith. Dominating the hills is the massive 47- foot-high statue of Bahubali, a revered Jain saint. Carved out of a single block of granite, Bahubali, who was the son of Adhinatha, the first Tirthankara of Jainism attracts great throngs of devotees all year round. Having bested his half-brother Bharata for control of the kingdom, he gave up everything in disgust and renounced the world to find the peace of Nirvana.

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