Cooking Session with a Family in Varanasi

From curries and biryanis, kebabs and desserts, chutneys and sherbets Varanasi urge you to ready your palate for some of the most delicious vegetarian fare that is its contribution to the culinary heritage of India. There are seasonal dishes like nimona (green cholia) and mouth-watering varieties of paans that are intrinsic to the city’s culinary architecture.  Food here may be simple but is rich in nutrients. Its organic permutations are saddled with flavours and freshness which still endure, because of the lightness of the hand with the soil and spices. What the city may have lost out on not serving meat, chicken and fish, it more than makes up in its delicious baingan ke longe, arbi dum kevati and kachnar kali ki tarkari, its variety of chaats and its delectable mitha or sweetmeets such as chandrakala, kheer kadam and laung lata. This tour offers you a first-hand experience in a family kitchen to see how the magic happens.

  • Understand the nuances of the many spices that go into Indian food
  • Try your hand at making the perfectly round chapati!
  • Learn how to make chai
  • Enjoy Indian hospitality in the warm setting of a family home

Learn how to cook some delicious Indian food with some friendly locals. Understand how to expertly use spices (not just the hot spicy ones!), make yummy curries, and bake the perfect chapatti. And at the end, relish it with the family over some hearty conversations. Also included with the meal is a chai/herbal tea, a dessert, and bucket-full of Indian hospitality!

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