Learn from the Expert - Vikram Kalra

When Vikram Kalra leads you on a fascinating exploration of ‘his’ Delhi, understand that he offers his beloved city from a whole new and richly inspirational perspective. The compass of his delights is directed to his twin talents of photography and pen and ink drawings – both of which have been pivotal in sharing this intimate and insider view engagement with the Delhi of yesteryears.


Over 15 years now that travellers have been dipping into the wealth of this knowledge and intimacy on the heritage walks during which he provides many new vignettes for your memory bank. What adds to the charm and learning process of his personally led heritage tours is that he has captured his favourite subject – historical buildings on camera as well as canvas. In fact, his in-depth research on the history of the city from the times of Mughal emperor Shahjahan, who ruled the city in the 17th century till the making of New Delhi in 1911 by the British, resulted in a solo exhibition. What adds even more depth to your understanding of Vikram’s view of his city is his complete series of about 50 drawings on the old city of Delhi- “Shahjahanabad – A journey through Old Delhi”. The drawing series features various buildings/monuments of old Delhi from the Pre -Shahjahan period to the British period.

Each of Vikram’s heritage with a heart tours is customised to adapt to one’s personal interests and come loaded with his warm and affable personality.

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