Kochi By Cycle

Start your morning bright and early, cycling through the picturesque seaside town of Fort Kochi, and watch the city start to wake up and stir. Join the locals for a hot brimming cup of tea as they start with their day You are presented here with a window to the varied and diverse communities who arrived from faraway lands and made Fort Kochi their home. Ride along to catch all the morning action with the hustle-bustle in the fish market. Then, of course, to make up for all the burnt calories, we'll end with a sumptuous local breakfast!

  • Reviving the memories of Kochi as an important port city on the man of international spice trade since the 1400s
  • Encounters with symbols of legendary traders from the international community
  • Discovering the influences of international traders on Kochi’s culinary world

We will start the ride from Vasco House, a 500-year-old structure that served as a home for the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama. We’ll make a quick stopover for a cup of tea at a local tea shop - chaya kada and enjoy the vignettes of the people enjoying the own cup of tea in this busy place. Heading down to the shoreline, near the Chinese Nets, we will soak up the atmospherics of the morning fish auction at Fort Kochi and get an insight into how the local fishing economy works and what it takes to bring fresh fish to your doorstep. We next head to India’s first beach gym. You will get time to open up conversations with the fitness buffs here on how the community came together to set up an affordable gym for all. As you pedal through Kochi’s narrow alleyways you will discover many aspects of the city as it wakes up to a new day. We will continue cycling through the different neighbourhoods of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry and discover how 39 communities’ live shoulder to shoulder in absolute harmony. Breakfast is scheduled at one of Kochi’s iconic cafes. Our next stop is a local slave shrine - where the people, regardless of caste, creed, and religion, come to pray.  From here we go on to a spice warehouse and learn how the spice trade influenced Kochi's multiculturalism.

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