Kumbalanghi Village Tour

Kumbalanghi is a lush green village in Cochin. It was declared as the first model fisheries and tourism village of India. Most of the villagers in Kumbalangi are engaged in agriculture and fishing.  A slew of activities is offered to guests at Kallancherry Island nearby.

Chinese nets were introduced by the Chinese during the 15th century; at Kallanchery Island, Chinese nets are still operated usually during the night. You might want to try your hand at learning the ropes of coir making here. Do you know that coir yarn can be used to make carpets and that carpets are made directly from coir fibres as well?  Or would you prefer exploring the intricacies of crab farming? Did you know that the brackish water of Kerala is home to both the red crab and the green crab? For many of the inhabitants of Kallanchery Island, clam meat processing is their livelihood, as clams thrive in the brackish water too. Did you know their shells are used for making white cement, cement-based paints and fertilizers?

  • Eco-Friendly tour.
  • Backwaters experience
  • Culture preservation
  • Raw village experience with lots of activities

This tour offers you a wonderful opportunity to participate in many traditional activities in the village. Surely you will return home with much thought-provoking life lesson in the bargain! On arrival at Kallancherry Island, you will be welcomed with a traditional drink of tender coconut. A sweet beginning indeed!

There is a slew of activities to choose from …right from taking a boat ride on Kerala's traditional country- style boat, visiting a crab farm, visiting an agriculture farm and discovering the variety of plantations. You will uncover the many secrets of the coconut and its many uses, be it as coir filling for a mattress or in the form of coconut leaves weaving.  We take you on a very informal 'walk-around' of the Island to get you acquainted with the village activities and enjoy the love and hospitality of the innocent villagers. You are sure to savour the refreshing and rejuvenating ambience of this picturesque village.

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