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Village Backwater Tour - A Trip down Backwater Lane


Kerala's backwaters are one of the state's most compelling experiences of a back-to-nature, cultural high for visitors. Traditionally these waterways were one of the most important means of connectivity in the hinterland and a lifeline for the villagers on their embankments. They form an immense network of about 1500km of canals, rivers and five massive lakes, running parallel to the Malabar coastline, halfway across the state. A unique aspect of life by the backwaters is how the villagers have adapted their occupations of fishing and rice-growing to the brackish waters created by the mingling of the fresh waters of the rivers with the backwash of the salty waters from the sea. There is a very unique ecosystem at play here!

The Village Backwater Tour opens up a window to life along the backwaters of Kochi. Surrounded by the backwaters on all sides, small groups of families, call the backwaters home. They harvest crops, spread their nets to fish, graze their cows, spun coconut fibre into ropes, carry their produce to and fro the mainland, and celebrate their ceremonies and festivals. The backwaters are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna as well.

Why you will love it

  • Exclusive cruise through the backwaters in an open-air, traditional country boat, punted by hand
  • The Storyteller will bring alive the backwater ecosystem with stories and anecdotes
  • Meet and interact with local villagers who ferry their produce to and fro the mainland
  • Enjoy a nice meal set in the open air along the water body

What you will experience

The entire backwater ecosystem is buzzing with life and there is a deep appreciation among the local community on the benefits of living in harmony with Nature. The tour offers a window to the natural and cultural heritage of the backwaters. A meal with the host family offers an opportunity to interact, learn and share. The backwater cruise is organized on a traditional country boat, punted by hand, it will be a silent cruise. Unlike the larger Houseboat, the smaller country boat allows access to the narrower canals and gets you real up and close with the local way of life. The boatman, the coconut climber/toddy tapper, the guide, and the family that hosts you for lunch, are all stakeholders in this experience.

On Request | 4 hours | Family Tours


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