A Bengali Meal with a Storyteller

Stepping into this apartment is like entering another world. Dating back to 1901, this high-ceilinged, spacious home is lined with art and antiques. There’s a wall reserved for mounted colourful masks from around the world, while the living room opens onto a large veranda overlooking Shahid Minar and the Eden Gardens.

For the last 20 years, this space has been hosting exclusive home dining experiences. What started out as the fun of hosting a few friends of a friend for an authentic Bengali meal, quickly transformed into a memorable bespoke service. The menu at this home essentially captures Kolkata — From the favourite panteras to the vindaloo and the mulligatawny — the spread is delicious, and the ambience nostalgic. Don’t miss the vintage plates and gorgeous cutlery!

  • Art curator by day and modern-day Gatsby by night, our host regales his guests with stories about his life and travels, art, and the cultural heritage of the city. 
  • His stories about life in Kolkata in the 60s with its polo matches at Christmas, dinner dances at Firpo’s, and nights that ended with Nizam’s rolls at 3:00 am, make you nostalgic for the Golden Era of the city.

The lavish menu features typical Bengali fare: Fluffy luchis fresh off the fire, aloo dum or potatoes cooked in typical local style, mustard fish (a delectable offering of marinated freshwater Bhetki, Ilish or other varieties), kosha mangsho (a rich mutton curry), tangy fresh chutney with papad, and a selection of the famous Bengali mishti . 

Our host’s chef, who has been with him for 21 years, was trained in all the family recipes by our host’s mother. The meals are entirely customisable, and the menu is prepared only after taking into account the visitors’ dietary preferences/aversions. He’ll also stock up on your favourite brand of alcohol, so whilst travelling you feel completely at home.

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