Reminiscence and Resurgence ( buzzing Calcutta Walk )

The Calcutta of old and the Kolkata of now…there’s no chance of cutting that umbilical cord. There’s just too much to lose, apart from the history and heritage that are so intrinsic to the city. Even today’s youngsters know this. That the history of the city is their history as well. The shops that they visit, the colleges they attend, the gardens they play cricket on, the churches they visit, the Christmas displays on Park Street and New Market they marvel at, the pandals they visit on Durga Puja. It’s all theirs too. Because all these are part of a collective memory of generations in their family, who joyfully embraced the largesse of this city’s culture and heritage and history.

  • Delving into the history and cultural buzz of this old imperial capital
  • Why the contemporary world can’t let go of ‘old Calcutta’
  • Trawling the old haunts with their new buzz

We will circumnavigate the Grand, an iconic Calcutta landmark which has weathered changing tastes and turbulent times to retain its status as one of Calcutta’s most beloved luxury hotels. Take in the frenzied economic activity that occurs all around its periphery, and find out why savvy shoppers have never given up on New Market, where it was said one could buy anything – from pins to pachyderms. Ponder the loss of such great establishments as Whiteway-Laidlaw, Bourne and Shepherd, and Firpo’s and their ironic replacement by the ubiquitous hawker and his wares. Once known as the most fashionable street and earning Calcutta its epithet as the ‘City of Palaces’ you will see how Chowringhee still has a lot of charm on offer.

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