Cook as the Bongs do ( Bengali Cooking Experience )

The joy of tucking into authentic homemade Bengali food is marked by a certain effervescence that beats eating the same dishes in a restaurant. For one, there’s the homely touch of secret family recipes; then the choice of the menu for the dishes to be made; the fun-filled trip to the shops to pick up all the ingredients…Binding it all is the warmth and indulgence of your hostess and the pleasure of sharing foodie stories over the prepared meal. There’s something really gratifying about that is it not????

There’s no denying Bengal is a foodie’s paradise. And there's nothing to beat Kolkata, the historic capital of West Bengal, for that exceptional gastronomic adventure in a Bengali home, or for that matter, even in a restaurant of high standing.

  • An exceptional cooking demonstration to unlock Bengali food culture
  • Breaking bread with a Bengali family on its home turf
  • Taking home new learnings on familiar spices, vegetables, meat and fish

A walk through the market will familiarize you with the ingredients that go into the making of some of the very authentic Bengali food. This is followed up with an exciting cooking demonstration by either a regular housewife or by the owners of the finest restaurants of the city. And the endnote; gorging on traditional Bengali sweets. Another joyful aspect of this experience is getting to share close moments with the family over a delicious meal, which is a perfect ice-breaker amongst strangers. It also offers a window into a slice of everyday life in a Bengali home.

Special Instructions Please do mention to the cook if you have any sort of allergies. All the food is bought fresh and cooked in front of you, in case your stomach is super-sensitive we advise that you take your necessary medication.

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