A Zero-waste Approach to Bengali Food with a Home Chef

There are many hidden gems in Bengali cuisine which will be a delightful surprise to the intrepid gourmet who takes the trouble to seek out something new. Tucked away in the eastern corner of this vast culinary wonder store that is India, is a culinary culture that is as ingenuous as it is delectable.

Till recently, Bengali food was not available in many restaurants or public eateries, because the Bengalis fiercely guarded the secrets of their grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens. But it is now possible, to taste the wonders of their “shuktos”, jhols”, and “koshas”outside a Bengali home.

  • The menu  offered by this home chef is driven by seasonal produce – and in every case, every part of the vegetable- the peels, the skins, the stem, leaves, flowers and fruit all make their way into imaginative dishes such as chorchori, saag, borah or pakora or curry, respectively. Nothing is wasted.
  • Our host tries to maximize the usage of any vegetable or protein by making various dishes of its different parts. The peels of most vegetables can be cooked and fried with ginger chillies and onions to make bhartas. The offal of fish can be cooked with different vegetables or daal to make delicious dishes.
  • Nothing that nature gives us is wasted in her kitchen.  All it requires is imagination and a sense of gratitude.

It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy some up-close interactions with a former British Airways executive,  who is now reveling in the delights of being a home-chef and culinary consultant. She has garnered immense popularity for her amazing repertoire of authentic Bengali and Kolkata style food. 

Exceedingly proud of her Bengali roots, Iti helps travellers discover the flavours of her favourite cuisine through home-style Bengali meals and cooking sessions. 

The typical Bengali menu Iti offers will always include a daal, (the main source of protein), a bhaja or something fried, a couple of seasonal vegetables, usually one bland and one slightly spiced, and fish holding center stage.  Fish being plentiful, plays an important part in the daily food in Bengal and all varieties from the 20 kg carp to tiny mourala are relished. So you can look forward to some exciting preparations in Itis home kitchen.

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