Bollywood Dance workshop

Mumbai and Bollywood are totally synonymous and there’s nowhere in town where you won’t encounter some aspect of it…be it a morsel of gossip, a poster flaunting the latest offering at the box office…or some kids in a play yard miming the hottest dance moves from a blockbuster.

Oh, the magic of movies! We would never miss them for the world…because they sweep us away from our humdrum existence and offer us a respite from the toil and turbulence of our everyday life. And no one can do fantasy and enchantment on such a grand scale as Bollywood can. The pleasure of 'the willing suspension of disbelief' is so beautifully illustrated by those fight sequences and those lavishly choreographed glamorous dance performances. And what energy! So here’s an opportunity to kick up your heels and learn from the best at a Bollywood Dance Workshop! It’s fun, it's hip and what's more, it can even get you in shape!

  • Unleashing your fantasy for shaking a leg like a true Bollywood dancer
  • Learning it’s not all play…it involves  a lot of hard work too
  • You’ll surely start viewing  Bollywood dancing with a new lens
  • Most loved by our guests, this workshop is an insight into how India celebrates. You will shake a leg with our instructors for a duration of one hour and fuse bhangra, hip hop, salsa and many more dance styles creatively to some popular Bollywood songs. The workshop will leave you a bit exhausted but definitely asking for more!

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