Colonial Walk – Historical Sauntering

Mumbai’s historic connections with the colonial rule are pivotal to this delightful walk. Visitors are sure to be enriched by the astonishing variety of vignettes that will be summoned up of the days of the British Raj as one encounters many landmark sites along the chosen route.

  • Recapturing the heady days of Mumbai’s colonial past
  • Encounters with a dazzling variety of architectural landmarks dating to the Raj era and more
  • Soaking up the rich  nuances of Mumbai’s cultural offerings
  • For a first-time traveller to get up-close and personal with this enigmatic city, its best to go exploring on foot. This tour offers you some of the most exciting insights into the city’s history and heritage as it takes to some of its most highly rated landmark sites.

    The tour begins at the Gateway of India, now a symbolic landmark for Mumbai’s burgeoning tourist population from all over the world. This victory arch was erected to commemorate the landing in December 1911 at Apollo Bunder, Mumbai (then Bombay) of King-Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary – the first British monarch to visit India. Opposite the Gateway stands the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which has played host to the likes of Barack Obama, the Beatles, and numerous other celebrities in its century-old lifetime.

    We will then move on past the Royal Mumbai Yacht Club, the Police Headquarters, the NGMA and the city museum. En-route, we will make a brief stop at Kala Ghoda, famous for the art scene in the city. While learning of the city icons such as Sassoon and its Jewish community, you will be introduced to Watson Hotel – the first iron cast building in the city that hosted Mark Twain.

    Walk past the Session Court and the high court, you will catch sight of Rajabai Towers, Mumbai’s own Big Ben. Mumbai’s famous Dabbawallahs will be our last stop on this tour. Each day, except weekends, over 5, 00, 000 boxes of lunch are delivered to their rightful owners with clockwork precision.

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