Malwan Home Cooking Workshop

A legend amongst foodies is the non-veg delights of the culinary offerings from the Southern Konkan coastal belt of Maharashtra and Goa. Vegetarians take heart, there are nicely turned out veggie options as well. But the heart of Malwan fare, largely inspired by the coastal fishing community of the region, resides in its amazing non-veg fare, fish and chicken, in particular, all liberally laced with lashings of coconut in its many avatars.

And what spices…a variety of the exotica of the Indian spice box finds a place in this cuisine; there’s even a special Malwan masala created out of at least 15 to 16 dry species. Wow! If you don’t like too much spice try the Konkanastha Brahmin-style dishes.

The uniqueness of Malwan cuisine lies in its combination of spices and other ingredients such as kokum, tamarind and raw and dried mango powder – And of course the cooking techniques.

  • Savouring the unusual Malwan culinary flavours and tastes created out of  kitchen basics
  • Encounters with a life lived in a Malwan home
  • Hands-on cooking lessons  with the lady of the house
  • We have lined up a cooking date with the lady of a contemporary Mumbai household. Apron-up, and assist her with some of the most popular dishes of the Malwan region. The dishes you will learn to prepare will surely add a new zest to the next party you hold for your friends.

    Fish and chicken are found in aplenty in the region so little wonder the menu of the thali is dominated by these essentials. Of particular delight is the deep-fried bombil fish or Bombay duck, a hallmark of the cuisine.

    You will also enjoy your interactions with the family as you learn to cook and learn more about the culture and traditions of the Malwan region.

    For an extra fee, we can arrange a visit to a spice market for you just before your lunch. It will give you an insight into the spices of Malwan cooking, their history and their uses in the days both past and present.

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