Street Food Walk – Khau Gully

The Khau Gally Tour offers you an enticing adventure of Mumbai’s street food heritage, which bewitches the senses; it simultaneously satiates your cultural cravings in one of India’s liveliest metropolises.

The tour invites you to ditch your culinary inhibitions and go with the flow. Savour the temptations that beckon at every street corner. There’s no better language that closes the gap between the strange and the familiar than the language of food. And Khau Gally culture is a dazzling sample of the spirit of the Mumbai in all its rich and varied splendour.

  • Exploring the multicultural culinary riches of India’s capital of commerce
  • A sensory journey of discovery of its culinary heritage through new flavours, textures, aromas and spices
  • Unparalleled up-close and personal encounters with the melting pot of its many communities
  • This tour traces the diversity of this port city’s many communities and their kitchens and their resonating impact on the street food culture. There is no dearth of swanky restaurants and café’s here, but it is the street food that gives sustenance to streams of students and workers living on a tight budget.

    The glory of Mumbai’s street food culture is that it continues to evolve, embracing culinary traditions from other states and many communities to provide food that is cheap but tasty. Mumbai’s very own gift to the world is one of India’s top street food offerings – Pav Bhaji. Watching scores of hungry textile workers heading for work in the early hours of the morning, in the mid-50s an enterprising restaurateur grabbed the opportunity of a potential market. Leftover veggies from the night before added the quintessential Indian spices created a spicy curry, accompanied by the Portuguese pav. The rest is history.

    This sampling tour takes you to the colourful stalls of Girgaon Chowpatty where you get to savour tea at a hundred-year-old Irani Café, grab a bite at Mumbai’s oldest restaurant, quaff a Persian drink, devour plates of Vada Pav – and lots more…

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