Kipling's Trail

His five-year sojourn in Simla of yesteryears since his arrival here in 1883 was clearly an idyllic time for Rudyard Kipling, a famous writer of Kim. You will find many of the author’s short stories and tales recounting the world of the Simla of his times. North Bank Lodge, Kipling's summer place, is inspiration alone for its grandstand views of the snow peaks. Gaiety Theatre is where his attempts at a farce were laughed off. Near Christ Church is the corner where Kipling’s fictional character, Lurgan Sahib from Kim had his shop. Lurgan Sahib was the man who trained Kim to become a spy!  In Kim you will find lots of references to spots in Simla…lower bazaar, Jakko Hill and its monkeys… … And, like Kim, turn the last bend by Summer Hill and you may well lift your head and exclaim: “Ah! What a city!

  • The picturesque splendour of Shimla’s natural heritage.
  • A flat ground where Gymkhanas were organized; now it’s a Golf Course. 
  • Army Heritage Museum. (Subject to being open). 
  • Exploring with a local from that area.

You will adore Shimla for its leisurely walking trails, its superb views, the Georgian-style architecture of the old buildings, the rich nuances of romance as nostalgia for bygone eras.

This lovely walk takes you through some of the narrow streets, trails and old houses where you can catch some glimpses of Shimla’s typical lifestyle. People basking in the sun, ladies drying their laundry outside the house, washing clothes at public taps, children playing street cricket, shopkeepers busy with their daily customers and old men reading newspaper or just chatting.

The walk begins with these scenes and takes you through a dense forest and finally ends at the grand gates of the Viceregal Lodge from where the British once controlled their empire that spread across the entire subcontinent 

Best suited for those interested in learning more about the local life and Kipling's life in Shimla.

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